Ceiling fan - light works, fan doesn't

zandmeAugust 30, 2009

Just bought my first house (short sale) and the sellers took all the ceiling fans! Just left wires sticking out of the ceilings.

We successfully installed fans in 3 rooms, but in the 4th the light works, but the fan doesn't. What's the easiest way to tell if the problem is with the fan or with the wiring?


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If there is only one switch controlling the electrical box, to which you've attached the fan, the problem is in the fan.
If there is only 2 wires, beside the ground wire, in the box, the problem is in the fan.

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Looks like the previous owner did some "creative" wiring. There are three switches, and I don't know if the wiring from one or two are connected to that electrical box, and only two of the three switches are grounded anyway. I have an electrician coming tomorrow (for something else) so I think I will have him take a look. Thank you for your help!

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