LG Wave washer and dryer

anm65November 6, 2010

The folks out there have helped me a lot in the past. I have narrowed it down to a new washer (WT5101HV or WM2501HVA) and dryer (DLEX5101V or DLEX5101V) but can"t make up my mind. I am also open to other suggestions. There seems to be so many difference of opinions I would like to know if any one of these is good to buy.


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I just returned the LG 5001WT to Home Depot today because the water didn't get hot enough. I am exchanging it for the 5101WT. The washer is fine but I found that I was washing everything on the HOT/COLD temperature and pausing it after it filled to make sure the water was warm enough. Other than that and the long wash times due to the fact I need to add that extra rinse for every load...the washer seems to be working OK. I have only used it on the Towels and Perm Press CASUAL settings so far. I only bought it a month ago.. Lucky I decided to exchange it today as you only have that option for 30 days from Home Depot. Hope this helps..

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i have no idea what machines you're considering from the designations given. However, do buy one with a heater.......... and hope for the best.

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Thanks for the inputs.
Why would you have to add "that extra rinse for every load"?

All four machines are made by LG
DLEX2501V is the 7.3 cu. ft. large capacity dryer (front load)
DLEX5101V is also a 7.3 cu. ft. dryer but with steam (front load)
WM2501HVA 4.2 cu. ft. large capacity steam/washer (front load/Wave series)
WT5101HV 5.2 cu. ft.large capacity washer (top load/Wave series)

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I have been adding the extra rinse cycle because members of this board recommend doing so.. I am using the Cheer Bright Free and Clear and it left some suds in the first rinse cycle so I just added the extra rinse cyle for the next load. I am using Vinegar instead of fabric softener and every load is coming out nice and soft. I guess it will take me some time to get used to the washer using so little water.. Other than that I like the machine. When you buy a new machine just make sure you have that 30 day return policy if you don't like it. I read that Sears has a 90 day return policy but they didn't have the LG 5100WT that I thought I wanted until the salesman at Home Depot talked me out of it. I got the 5001 without the sanitary hot cycle and was sorry. There was only an $80 difference so get the better machine for that price IMO.

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I have decided on the LG Wave (WT5101HW) top load washer and the LG (DLEX5101W) steam dryer. I have read favorable reviews on the Persil detergent. Is it really that good? If it is which is good for whites and colors? Are there any other detergents out which work well with HE washers?

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First off here is some Info on the washer with the stainless steel looking color. I was in Home Depot yesterday looking at them (again, and again, and again) and when I opened up the dryer door, I seen something that shocked me. That pretty stainless steel color is NOT paint!! It is a poly layover that is shuck fit around the metal housing of both the washer and dryer. I know this because when I opened the dyer door, al in the seems around the square opening were Stretched and bubbled, like it did not adhear the the metal properly. The white version of this set is painted white, not a coating applied over the metal. At first I thought is was some kind of protective wrap for shipping purposes...WRONG! DOnt get me wrong, I love this set and will buy it this week since Home Depot has it for 750 off the set, but now I will get it in white. Of course the salesperson told me it would be a warranty issue, but I know the extended warranty does not cover cosmetic damage.

As for persil, it is a great product! I have used it in my FL and lovethe fact that it does not suds up like American HE detergents and it rinses far better too. It is not intented for dark colors, only white and bright clothing. I have used most all versions of Tide HE, Gain HE, Cheer HE, Wisk HE long ago and hated the smell, but I think they improved on it now, not sure. Era HE is great too, Sears was good, but not my favorite. I hope this helps you out Anm65

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I was tempted to purchase the set in gray as it is so attractive, but couldn't see paying more for a "color". Besides, I figured in time it would get scratched like most appliances do, and the scratches would look worse on the gray than white. I bought the white as all my laundry appliances have been in the past.

I've been using the detergent brand 'ALL HE' that I found at Walmart. So far, so good with that detergent.

Gates, you may want to compare HD's prices with Best Buy to see who has the better deal. Not sure if you have an HHGREGG near you, but they accept the lowest price and another 10% (as most stores do). Like I have noted in prior posts I was able to get the (5101 set) for $660/each and I did buy the warranty at GREGG.

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Thanks for the info. I also brought the pair in white. In the specs it states the cabinets are"painted steel". The washer tub and the dryer drum is stainless steel.
If Persil is not to used for dark colors which can be used? Does that mean two different detergents for the Persil brand? There seems to be a variety to choose from.
I went to Walmart and did not see the "ALL HE" brand.

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Debi 2006, yes I have an HHGregg close to me and will check on them too. The only thing I do not like about them is I only have 14 days to return it if I do not like them, not 30 days like other stores, but I will double check on it. Warrantys are on sale too for 150 a set for 4 years at HD Its gonna be a busy day on monday for me.

Anm 65, persil have mega pearls for colored darks, check different Walmarts for All HE, I know I have seen it before too, never bought it though.

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Best Buys has the LG WT5101H and the matching DLEX5101W dryer for 699.00 each. Best price I've seen out there as of today. HHGregg still showed 999.00

Here is a link that might be useful: LG - 5.2 Cu. Ft. 14-Cycle Ultra Capacity High-Efficiency Washer - White

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Gates: BB has them for $699.99 which is why I suggested you check them out aside from HD. Many stores will match this price with another 10% off if you have price proof via website or in writing (though some stores generally won't give them in writing so you won't price match). In that case, the purchase price would be $630 which is a great deal. See if you can bargain on the warranty too where ever you go. Most stores won't, but HHGREGG offered me a 5-year warrany at the 3-year price so I jumped on it. Regularly, it is $189+ for a 5-year for each item at HHGREGG, but I got them for $139 & $99 (washer & dryer).

Also, here in PA, there's a rebate on qualified Energy Star appliances through our electric company so we where able to get a $100 rebate for the washer; none for the dryer. So, technically, we ended up paying $610 for each item when we add in this rebate. See if your state is doing the same.

Let us know how you make out.

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THanks for the info Debi, I will check out the website and see if I can print BB out on the set. I already got the rebate on my washer when I moved to NC in 2003. I current have a 9 plus yr old FL, that I am replaceing and it was a one time thing with the power company

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Seen another stainless set at another HD, today and the dryer had the peeling problem too, the stainless looking wrap they put on them is coning off, so I got the white set, check out my experience on the other LG posting

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My washer and dryer will arrive tomorrow. Didn't get the chance to purchase the Persil detergent. It was suggested to me to use liquid Tide. I might actually like using it and it is less expensive. Wish me luck.

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Anm65..congrats on the washer, yours arrived fast as I have to wait till 12/28 to get mine. I hope you post your experieces with it on here for us to read

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Dlex2501w is at home depot for 600 each.

Debi- Price match with 10% is usually 10% of the difference in price, not 10% of the whole value.

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I just had my LG top loader WT5105H and dryer DLEX5101 delivered yesterday.

1. Please advise: The wash cycle is basically much slower than I anticipated, even on Heavy Duty. Is this correct? I read reviews but don't recall folks being surprised by how gently the machine washes?? Just wish to make sure that nothing is wrong with mine from the beginning. Thanks.

2. I had "warm" water issues with my last Kenmore washer. I've only run two loads and felt this warm was barely warm also. Question - what would happen if one SLIGHTLY decreased/closed the cold water valve at the wall? Advice? I haven't tried a hot load yet, but my unit has a heater. My hots were hot before so I'm not expecting a problem.

3. My favorite detergent will remain Cheer HE. I believe it whitens better than most and yet is gentle on bright colors and blacks in cold. I wear a lot of red and black and hate fading.

4. I bought the silver units. At least for now, the finish is beautiful.

5. I am pleasantly surprised by how quiet both units run.

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Regards to #2, that is not likely to have an effect. Machines with ATC have a temperature sensor that monitors the incoming water flow and they moderate the hot and cold valves to maintain the target temp regardless of the hot/cold flow rate.

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Wash temperatures in newer washes are "thumbed Down" According my LG service manual, the wash temps are as follows Hot 120, warm 90,cold 66. There is no mention in the manual of the temp of the sanitary cycle, but LG says it is 158 degree's. Are your clothes coming out clean to your satisfaction?

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Sorry it took so long to get back, but the washer and dryer so far is putting a smile on my face. The boys really enjoy doing the laundry. Especially not having to wait forever to wash and dry their clothes. Thank you all for your help!!!

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