Kitchen layout, especially fridge

skeylargoJanuary 26, 2013

We are finally ready to re-do our 30+ year kitchen and want to change layout in the process. The biggest dilemma we have is with the wall that the refrigerator goes on. We can't decide on
1.which end of the cabinet run it should go on
2. should we make it counter depth or regular depth.
The spot fridge is at in the plan is by the doorway that goes into LR/DR. The doorway on the left is to the hallway, that's where we come in all the time. If we put counter depth fridge I guess it could go on either side but regular depth seems to block in the kitchen and would give less room for table and chairs. Our current fridge is 33" wide and is plenty big for us. If we went with 36" counter depth it would give us the same cubic feet space. If I put the fridge in the location on the plan than I have to move the doorway 3" (already moved in the plan) which means that I would have to either repaint (faux finished and stenciled) LR walls or put decorative moldings to cover the change.
I really want to get moving on the kitchen but the fridge really has me stumped. Also worried if there would be enough room in the current plan location to open the fridge and freezer doors, move out the fridge for repairs or exchange etc.
If you see any other problems that I did not tink of please let me know as well..

Thank you

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Wasn't sure how to upload 2 pictures. Here's the overall kitchen layout

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Is the range/fridge wall an interior wall? Depending on what's on the other side of that wall, I've seen several posts here where GWers recess the fridge into the wall. Allows a standard depth (SD) fridge to fit some spaces better.

I think SD fridges are 36" w/handles, so you do look a bit tight to maneuver for maintenance.

HTH, tmy

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it is an inside wall, but it is also a load bearing and I would be worried about damaging the wall behind (also faux finished).
Looking more carefully at the plan it does not seem enough space for a fridge anyway - it shows depth of 30" and regular fridge depth is 33". I am having such a hard time with this kitchen layout :(

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Your current layout is too tight for maintenance of the fridge. I would move the 36" CD fridge to the end of the cabinet run on the opposite wall, across from the cabinets which are to the left of the range. Hope this helps and good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.

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Thank you Texasgal47. I wanted the kitchen to feel more open when we first come in that's why we tried to put the fridge on the right end. I wasn't also sure if there would be a problem to move the kitchen light switch and phone line which is by the entrance from the hall on that wall once we put the fridge to the left of the range.

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