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sevenechoAugust 30, 2009

The room is 11' 6" x 19'. I can set my 5" cans either 25.5" or 37" off the long wall(this due to framing). Which distance should I go for? I am thinking maybe 4 cans in 2 rows along the long walls, at one of the 2 distances off the wall specified. If I think I need more light I will add 3 cans down the center of the room, offset from the rows of 4. Comments are appreciated!

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I would space the cans 37" off the wall to prevent the halo-effect created on the walls by placing the cans too close to the walls( 25.5")
Many times this halo effect is very visually distracting, especially if you have any wall hangings such as photographs, posters, or paintings.
The 3 cans mounted down the middle is a good idea, as you can always control the light level with dimmers if there is too much light,.

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You need to give us more information.

How will the room be used? What will be on the wall? How high is the ceiling? What kind of fixture and lamp? Is it a Wall Washer or a Downlight? Is it adjustable?

I wouldn't recommend a 5" diam. fixture in a residential installation unless the ceiling is very high.

In general, if you want to light the wall use the smaller dimension. If you want to light the floor use the larger dimension.

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Thanks for commenting!
macv, to answer your questions-

  1. This is a den/living area, lots of family time here. TV, Wii, reading, hanging out, etc...

  2. The walls will have a few paintings and a TV. Wall color will be off white.

  3. Halo cans, IC rated, 5". I am using white trims with a black interior baffle. I am open to lamp types/watts, but have some 65 watt floods in the same fixture in the kitchen until I figure out what is best.

  4. General lighting. Not adjustable.

  5. Ceiling slopes from 7' 6" to 8' 6", the short way.

These lights will be on a dimmer.

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