Need help with recessing lighting - placement & number

adh673August 4, 2010

Can someone help me with recessed lighting for my kitchen?

All I know is that someone told me not to have them within a foot of the counter or else I wil get shadows while working in the kitchen. I dont even know if that is true!

I plan to have two chandeliers or pendants at the island. I will also have undercounter lights.

I want to have enough lighting for sure but not go overkill as I think they are costing around 300/can.

HEre is my layout:

In GENERAL the kitchen is 22 by 12.


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You may require ~ 12 x 6" cans spread out in some regular pattern taking into consideration the exact placement of the pendants/ chandeliers.

I would consider the under cabinet lights separately from the main lighting.

I hope you're getting LED cans if you're paying 300/ can.

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Wow, 12? Even with the two pendants? I was thinking 8 but I have no experience.

I dont know what kind they are- do I want LED?

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I base the count off 35 lumen/ sq ft. Light per can ~ 600 lumens. I was pleasantly surprised by the LR6 - the first LED lamp that actually worked for me.

I don't run my lights at full intensity most of the time.

Cree LR 6 or CR6. Lamp costs ~ $80. Total material cost Look at

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The problem is the recessed lights. They're fashionable (have been for quite a few years now), but they tend to create shadows and require many, many units to even approach even lighting.

Simple, inexpensive surface mounted or hanging lights may seem old fashioned. You don't seem them in the glossy magazines very often, except maybe the pricey period reproduction fixtures. However, because they provide indirect illumination reflecting from the ceiling and walls, they give more even light with far fewer units.

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