Does steam in the washer actually help remove stains?

genie73November 12, 2009

Looking at the Samsung front loading steam machines. It has been suggested that steam in the washer is pretty pointless and costs more money. I can get the same machine with steam in the dryer only (to remove wrinkles).

Anyone have any input?

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Although I've never used a washer with the steam function, I'm pretty certain that steam will contribute absolutely nothing toward getting laundry cleaner. As far as I can tell, the steam feature in a washer is purely a marketing ploy. The marketing types know there are bound to be consumers out there gullible enough to think it's a feature for which it's worth paying some extra dough. Caveat emptor!

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Actually the sales guys told me that the steam in the washer isn't really necessary and that I could save a little money by taking the steam dryer with the regular washer. Sounds like he's on the money. I have a difficult time with stains and I just thought that maybe if it helped...

thanks for your input.

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It's a gimmick

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Per Consumer Reports: "This feature promises to clean better and to sanitize fabrics. The steam models we tested did clean stains better, but they cleaned well even when we didn't use the steam. And their prices were more than twice that of the Best Buy models in our Ratings."

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Meeting Topic @ Whirlpool Product Manager Meeting: What trendy, useless "feature" can we add to our products that will enable us to charge more and increase our profits?

Meeting Topic @ Miele Product Manager Meeting: How can we make our product better?

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Ok, so steam in the washer is a waste of money. Is everyone on board that steam in the dryer at least is a good thing. It's supposed to release wrinkles? I hate ironing but who doesn't love crisp sheets??? Will steam in the dryer reduce my ironing?

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I have the Duet steam set, I agree it's a gimmick. I it about the washer, but thought it might be nice in the dryer. HOWEVER, after using it I don't think the steam is that beneficial in the dryer. GENIE73: It's supposed to release wrinkles in clothes that are already dry, like if you forget to take them out at the end of the cycle or you have a wrinkled shirt you want to "refresh". The steam only works on 2 cycles on my machine, "quick refresh" and "timed refresh" (or something like that, I'm away from home). It wouldn't do anything on the normal cycles because the clothes are already wet. NO it will not make your sheets look like they were ironed. NO it will not make your clothes less wrinkled than if you just take them straight out of the dryer as soon as it's finished. In MY machine it doesn't even appear to be real steam. It's a small nozzle sticking out of the back of the dryer that appears to spray a fine mist of water. NOT STEAM. It's no better than what I used to do to "refresh" a slightly wrinkled knit shirt, spray lightly with a spray bottle & put back in dryer. My advice: save your money on BOTH.

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I have a steam samsung washers. I thought it was a gimmick, but I actually find it does get the clothes cleaner, it actually works, at least on samsung.

Sadly, I find consumer reports completely unreliable, to the point of being wrong more often then not. I wish they'd get their act together, but amazon reviews are much more useful these days

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Whirlpool did not bring those gimmicky trends to this country, LG and Samsung did. Also there have been far worse gimmicks than steam... anyone remember Samsung SilverCare? Whirlpool had to add those features to remain competitive. Miele is in a completely different league altogether, they don't have to compete with the Koreans.

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this is an ancient thread, people...

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I have a 6 month old Samsung washer & dryer both with steam. I didn't hook up water to the dryer because I took this feature as a refresh for worn clothes, like to work at office yesterday. I wouldn,t do that. I feel what they call steam is just what the 220 volt Miele, Bosch, Asko, etc call a water heater. I use this so called steam when I want hot water like for white sheets, towels,good old American hot water. PS I like my Samsung my friend bought first 3 years ago, he has cheapest pr. no water heating . Mine are the most expensive ones that came in red color 6 mo ago at Lowes. I did notice Lowes has a new model a Black Cherry color red and even though close to top of the line dryer drum is not s steel like mine, Glad I got mine because my red matches oriental rugs I have in the kitchen & ss drum too. I might add Samsung does not shake my 1908 wood floor,but floor has been covered w/backerboard and thick porcelain 12x12 tiles. Happy Hunting David

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I agree with David1217. I use a TOL Samsung weekly, at a house that I clean. I like HOT water, not what the machine considers hot. I find that the steam does increase cleaning, and is basically a water heat option for the American washers. The actual fills, even on hot selection, are cool. Adding steam option forces a full hot water fill, and then proceeds with the steam at the end of main wash. It drains wash water, refills with hot for just a few seconds. Then it heats and intermittently tumbles the load. It does this about 15-20 minutes, and then carries on. It does heat the water quickly, since the tiny pool of water in the tub cannot be much more than a gallon. It does not, however, allow heating during the main wash.

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You don't need a steam setting to get hot water... Any front loader with an internal water heater can do that. You just need to know the correct cycles and options to use to activate that heater.

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hytech42 is correct, but steam seems to be the newword for this process. I first noticed this a few years ago on JennAir dishwashers. I think they coined this feature for good old heating function. at least here in the USA . Got to have a gimmick !!

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On my LG front loader the "Sanitary" cycle activates the heater and I think maybe "Allergiene" does too. There is a separate button for steam but I never press it.

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