My Cree can lights are changing color

duluthjeffAugust 14, 2014

We put six cree ceiling can lights in our kitchen when we built 5 years ago. They are the 2700K (warm white) models. In the last few months, first one, and now several of them suddenly change from their normal light color to a rose-colored light after being switched on for several minutes. Cooking has become a psychedelic experience!

Obviously, the blue component in the LED 'light engine' (or whatever they call it) is failing. Has anyone else had similar problems with Cree lights? I bought them because of their low power use per lumen, and expected (wrongly it seems) that they would outlive me.

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Really? Over the past five years on this forum there are usually at least two active threads about Cree downlights. Hasn't anyone experienced a loss of white balance but me? I guess I'm special!

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I have 30+ of the CR6 units in my house. The 2700K units have been fine. The 5000K have been another story. I've had a number of the 5000K units fail after a few months. They start 'pulsing'. Home Depot has been fine exchanging them with new ones, but in any event it is a PITA. Various reviewers reviewers have said the same on the HD web site.

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