LED to replace regular bulb

sji9600August 27, 2011

Has anyone tried the toshiba warm white dimmable A19 bulbs. I am thinking of replacing all my regular bulbs with these. I have heard (from a sales person in a lighting store) that Toshiba makes a nice one.

I believe 7.8 Watt is the highest. Is that strong enough to replace 60 watt bulbs?

If there is another brand you prefer, please share.

Thank you.

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Philips is another choice. A standard incandescent a-lamp produces ~800 lumens. If you're looking to replace a table lamp, the replacement should provide as much light.

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Thank you. I am looking to replace the bulbs in my lightolier alzac high hats - all throughout my house, not table lamps. Should be the same, right?

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I would consider using recessed lighting LED lamps instead since they will have better heat management than A19 LED lamps. In addition, the better ones (typically Cree) will have color correction and a wider spread of light.

Unfortunately, the Cree lights are either for 4" or 6" cans.

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Thank you. I will look into Cree lights. I do have 4 inch cans.

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Just went to the Cree website - would I need to replace all of my existing cans, or is there some way to modify them to accept the recessed lighting LED lamps. The A19's were suggested because they would screw right in to the existing cans.

Thank you.


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Perhaps yes, depending on the internal dimensions.

A19 lamps can be used, but there are drawbacks as previously noted.

In any case, I anticipate the price of Led A lamps dropping sharply within 1/2 year.

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You might try looking at the new Sylvania RT4 series for your 4 inch cans. Although they don't put out as much light as an 60W a bulb there is not nearly as much light being lost back up into the can. It's all 'usable' light as it's directed downward to where it's needed.

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ya led bulbs are realy better than regular bulbs. i ll suggest you to go for philips the provide really good led bulbs..

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its almost exactly 1 year since my original post and I have not yet replaced by bulbs with LED's.

Back to my initial question... Prices have not dropped much. The brands I have found are Toshiba $34, TCP $26, Lemnis $25, and Halco $16, Phillips $25.

I still haven't found any reviews comparing the brands. Now that it is a year later, does anyone have any thoughts...

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If you use the CR4 in a 4" can, there is no need to modify the can.

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