Florescent Lights? Help!

gkrizelAugust 14, 2013

We are in the process of approving drawings of our addition. We are adding a laundry room that will also double as a creative space (sewing crafting etc) I noticed that the builder has indicated 4' bulb florescent lights. Now I know I am not the expert here but florescent lights? I thought those were dead and buried these days- Or at least limited to offices, grocery stores etc. Do people really use these in their homes? Maybe its taking me off guard because I envision this space as my personal escape from the world and a place to create so sitting under florescent bulbs sounds like a form or torture. Am I out of touch with todays lighting trends or is my builder old school?

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T8 fluorescent lighting is used in homes as the initial investment is relatively small. If you're more inclined to use led, the Cree cr14 could be an alternative.

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What is not to like about linear fluorescents? They have never been better. T5 or T8 have a great choice of color temp and you can get lamps with a good CRI. Initial outlay is low, they are trouble-free, they use little energy, and there are a large range of attractive luminaires. You don't need to know that there are linear tubes above or around you because you will never see, or hear them.

If your builder is not coming up with the space you want, tell them it is the personal escape room with washer and dryer hookups rather than a laundry room.

P.S., you might have a situation similar to a recent poster, judysgardens , in this forum.

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During my remodel, I installed 4 tube 4 foot fixtures in my laundry,
pantry, and one of my closets. Great light. Efficient and very long
lasting. I also have them in my home office, 2 fixtures (8 tubes total) in
a 13x13 room.

I wouldn't put them in the kitchen.

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That is a lot of light in a 13 x 13 if they are "normal" ballast factor and lamps! Are they all switched together?

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Two switches, each controlling 4 tubes (2 in each fixture). I usually have
all on if I am working. OTOH, I have 20 CR6's in my kitchen, plus under cabinet lighting and ceiling cove lighting, -- so you know I like a lot of light.

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> What is not to like about linear fluorescents?

You can't use them with dimmers, unless you use pricey dimming ballasts and dimmers meant for use with them. And the tubes contain a small amount of mercury.

Fluorescent tubes don't have much of a future. But for maybe another 2 or 3 years they will be the least expensive way to light a larger room. After that, LEDs will probably be almost as cheap.

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Yes, trying to dim arc lamps is a stupid idea to any thoughtful person.

I am a fan of discrete, as opposed to continuous dimming. Rather than Attofarad's 50/50 approach, I like 33/66/100. It is easily done with some extra cables and an extra switch. Dimmers seem pretty unreliable compared to switches and now need to be matched to the lamps. So far, I have not come across an incompatible SPST switch.

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