direct wire led ucls /depth of junction box

ladoladiAugust 2, 2012


I would like to install the direct wire LED UCL bars from Environmental Lights, but they require a junction box. The junction box sold by EL, and all the ones I've found online and at the store, are significantly deeper than the lights bars themselves. The bars are .85" deep; the boxes are 1.25" - 1.5" inches deep, and that's the "shallow" ones. I would need at least 5 of these in my kitchen, and I'm worried the aesthetics of the clean and simple light bars will be marred by these large boxes.

Does anyone know of a less unsightly junction box? Should I give up on the Environmental Lights?

Thank you for your help. Trying to get information out of my electricians is like prying a panicked cat out of the mouth of a rabid pit bull.

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It depends on the manufacturer.

Having said that, the Philips eW profile setup is all under 1" in height- junction boxes that will be mounted on the cabinet undersides and the light bars.

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You may find the linked thread helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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You can always put the junction boxes in the back of the upper cabinet with a blank cover on them and recessed into the wall.

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