Help! Super glue on granite!

marc_iaJanuary 31, 2013

Ok. I know I did a dumb thing. Lol. Trying to super glue a little piece and it fell on the granite counter. It got even dumber. I tried to wipe it quickly so of course it smeared all over. There must be an answer as to how to remove it so I can pretend it never happened. Anyone?

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I assume granite is as tough as quartz when it comes to hardness. When I get stuff like this on my quartz, I just take a sharp knife on an angle and scrape it off. could you try that on a tiny bit and see if it removes it?

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Acetone - nail polish remover. If yourgranite is sealed, you may need to re-seal after using the acetone.

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I would first try full strength white vinegar and a scrubby - it works on getting off epoxy grout haze so I think it might work on the glue. If that doesn't do the trick, I would try one of those single edge razor blades on a low angle.

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marc_ia all are great. The vinegar didnt work at all. The scraping is slow going but I'm doing it. The only nail polish I have is non acetone!! :-). But you've given me ideas. Thanks.

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There is a product called debonder. A brand name is Flashback. It is sold in hobby shops that sell model supplies. It dissolves hardened CA glue.

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use a razor blade. it will scrape right off and the razor blade won't damage the granite. shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Note: you can also use a razor blade on quartz but must be a lot more careful since the resin in the surface (30%) is easily damaged.

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Razor, then buff any remaining residue (dried) with steel wool, 00 or 000 should be fine.

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You all are the best. I admit to panicking slightly. I've scraped it off and learned my lesson. Won't do that again. Thanks so much for being so helpful. I love this forum site.

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