struggling with choosing LED pendant light choices

gwaldAugust 25, 2012

hi - I re-did the kitchen a bit and now have a new continuous counter all along the sink wall, where there is a spot to work and 2 areas with stools for eating. There are 2 ceiling lights that light up the kitchen pretty well. My idea is to put 4 pendants in, one over the sink, one over the work area and 1 over each of the 2 eating spots. There are some pretty fancy LED pendant lights on the market, but rather than spend that much money, I see that you can get pendants relatively inexpensively that use the LED bulb E26 (8.5W 400 Lumen).

My questions are:

1. Does this seem like a viable solution?

2. Does this type of LED bulb come in different wattages?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions or ideas.



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Maybe it would work if you're able to use a A19 bulb (e.g. - enduraLED or the L prize bulb).

E26 is the size of the base. 8.5W for 400 lumens is rather low for LED.

The L prize bulb produces ~ 900 lumens for almost the same power consumption.

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thx David - Do you think that there is any difference between the screw-in type bulb vs the types of bulbs that high-end fixtures would use that would make one "better" than the other. My guess is that with a more expensive track/pendant system, you are paying for the convenience and style of a track. Do you agree?

thx for your help!

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If the fixtures you're considering use the A19 standard bulb type, the deciding factors would come down to build quality, design and style. The brand name does play a part in the pricing.

A track system is convenient way to ensure that the lights all line up, but the style and cost may not make sense.

I think getting the correct style that suits your family is just as important as raw light output.

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I like the idea of limiting the total circuit current because I had planned to tap off of the over-head sink light switch. My thought was that if it was a small base like E26 vs A19, the total wattage would be limited.

Is your thought that the E26 ore E27 size bulbs are not versatile enough?


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The size of the base will not limit the total wattage.

The more compact LED bulbs don't have as much light output as A19 enduraLED and L Prize bulbs.

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