Recessed Can Heat Lamps for the Bathroom?

carova_2008August 26, 2009

Has anyone used these? How do you like them?

Red or Clear bulb? Which seems to work better?


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The IR Red Bowl bulbs are more intense. They cost about 3 times the price of clear. Clear is fine for lower, 8FT ceilings. Be sure you are putting them into a fixture that is designed to handle this much wattage and heat. 250 Watts is standard for these bulbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Web Site

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We had these when I lived in Florida. I put them in my house in Atlanta and they weren't warm enough. I ended up changing to the heater/fan. I guess it depends where you live and how tall your ceilings are.

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The white 250 watt heat lamp is a brooder lamp, while the red infra lamp has a protective coating on the lamp to prevent shattering.
There is no recessed fixture approved for a insulated ceiling.
They both will provide additional heat on your bathroom, but will not provide adequate heating on their own.

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