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breadandsuchAugust 23, 2011

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I need to decide on what type of U/C lighting I will be using. I would like to use LED as the rest of the lights in the kitchen are LED. I was told to keep all of the lights in the same range. I am using a soft white (warm light) Utilitech LED from Lowes...3000K.

My questions are...

1. Is the quality or amount of light from the ribbon/rope LED any different to the bar LED's.

2. How much trouble is converting the wire to low voltage in order to use the ribbon/tape lighting? I have a 2 inch light rail..will the transformer show?

3. Has anyone tried the LED bars from Lowes. They do not indicate what color light they give off.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer.

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There will be variations in quality and the amount of light produced depending on the vendor of the LED.

The answer to your second question depends on
a. The length and brightness of led bars required,
b. The circuit configuration.
c. Where the transformer/ power supply will be located. It needs to be located in an accessible location.
d. What sort of transformer/ Power supply - dimmable, magnetic or electronic?

The following discussion contains quite a bit of info with respect to low voltage LED

Depending on your needs, direct wired 120V LED UCL may be easier to install. The Philips power cove LED light bars are good.

I looked at the LED bars Lowes and decided not to use them - not cost effective. The color (as I recall) is about 3000k.

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