Miele W1213 inconsistent draining, need suggestions...

twrayNovember 21, 2011

I have a Miele W1213 that has an inconsistent draining problem on the wash or rinse cycle. The machine will not drain, sounds the alarm, then I have to drain manually. I have had tech guy out several times with no success. Posting here is my last resort before buying another washer.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi twray, sorry about your problems.

What did the tech say?

Did he pull the error codes from the machine?

Did he go in service mode to test specific components?


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The guy that came out did some type of scan and ordered and replaced a pressure switch. This did not fix the problem. I had him come out 2 more times, each time he would call a Miele tech and discuss the problem and try fix it with no success. Thought it might be over sudsing, but I use only a small amount of Persil.
He said that the only way the Miele tech could tell what is wrong was if the machine completely quit working. This was very frustrating as each service call was expensive with no results, gets to a point where it is cheaper just to buy another brand and move on...

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This sounds dumb, but did the tech check the filter in the drain system and the drain pump with the connector?

I understand the bill is rising to the point where you could have just bought a new machine.

I can send you, if you wish the service manual for the machine so the tech can look at it firsthand rather than just calling the Miele tech.

If you are mechanically inclined you can do the diagnostic yourself.

Does the machine stop at a particular moment in the cycle or is it just random?

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