Decision on LED or Incandescent Can Lights

Jack MasonAugust 10, 2014

Hi all, we have just finished framing our new construction home on the Florida Gulf Coast. I have about 60 can lights (AT-IC)

My current electrical bid includes the can trim as well as conventional incandescent bulbs. I don't think I will get much credit back and if I do a change order and I'm pretty sure the cost of the LED's might be pretty high.

I'm wondering if I should just let the electrician do his normal install and then replace the incandescent bulbs as time and technology moves on.

I was thinking about first replacing the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and other high use areas first and then address the other lights later on.

Good strategy?

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Recessed lighting can be broken down into 3 major components
1. The housing.
2. The bulb.
3. The trim ring.

The typical trim ring used in standard recessed lighting costs ~ $5 to above $10 (depending on the style...).

A Cree CR6 or CR4 come with an attached trim ring. Depending on location, a CR6 may cost ~ $25.

They are readily available at your local Home Depot.

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The LED trims are usually pretty pricey, I couldn't believe that I saw them at Costco for $14.99 here in California.

I have LED cans in my kitchen that I like a lot, I would just make sure that they are dimmable if you decide to go with the LED options.

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