Can I hang 2 chandeliers in one open floor plan??

belladomAugust 30, 2011

My kitchen remodel has left me stumped with finding 3 pendants above the bar, and a light to hang in the entryway over the door. I already have a chandelier that is hanging over where the dining table will go... once the remodel is done and I'm unpacked. Pardon the mess!

Should I match the existing chandelier (crystals will eventually be on it), with one like it, Pottery Barn Bellora for example,

or go more for a simple pendant to match the Craftsman modern look outside?

This is the outside light:

Here are some pendants for over the counter:


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Matching the interior style would be better IMO.

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ya i ll suggest you to hang 2 chandeliers in dat floor. it will surely look good.....

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i'm against the chandeliers. sorry pic 2 light would be more in keeping with existing style. Nice kitchen btw.


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Ignore me. I looked again. Chandeliers will be ok.


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