Help finding Recessed LED in 3200K color temp

djiaoAugust 27, 2012

I was about to buy the CREE CR6 LED down lights for my basement until I saw it in a store, it's a bit yellow to my liking at 2700k in color temp. The 3500K is too white. Does anyone know which company makes the 3200K LED recessed lights? I have existing 6inch recessed cans in my basement.

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Sylvania makes 3000k. I installed one, and one 2700K Cree, in my field of existing incandescent to see how I liked them. The Sylvania is noticeably whiter. You can get the 3000k Sylvania at Lowes. It dims well. It has a very slight delay when turned on, under half a second.

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how's Sylvania's quality compared to CREE's? Thank you!

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The CRI on the Sylvania is only 82 vs the 90+ for the Cree. But the Sylvania puts out more lumens.

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