asked for cree, builder installed sylvania led

periwinkle18August 22, 2011

Hi - I am building a new house. So all new wiring and electrical. A long time ago, I specified that in certain areas I wanted the CREE LR6. For cost reasons, couldn't do it everywhere. I am not an electrician, so I simply mentioned that because we are starting new, I did not want retrofit wiring - that we should do the wiring based on the fact that we are installing new LED. I am a bit out of my depth here, but thought that perhaps the set up is different if you are retrofitting versus building new?

Anyway, I was very disappointed to stop by the job site today and see that they were in the process of installing Sylvania LED kits. The box says 'Sylvania ULTRA LED 6" recessed kit". Wide flood replacement. Dimmable. 3000K. Although the lights were purchased at a local big box store, here is the light online:

I think the ones that have been installed look good, but I specifically asked for the CREE LR6. Are the Sylvania ones as good? Should I have them switch them out for CREE?

My other concern is that is that the wiring is the retrofit type, based on the fact that these seem to be retrofit lights - but I am getting a bit out of my depth of understanding.

Any advice or perspective would be welcome.



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The lr6 costs more than the Sylvania Rt6. If the contract specified lr6, I would expect lr6 lights. Alternatively, I would insist on an appropriate discount.

The warranty period is longer for Cree as is the color rendition index.

The led modules in general are intended for both new build and retrofit applications.

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Thanks for the response!

I am charged actual cost of whatever was installed, so since the Sylvanias are less, I pay less. Maybe it is marketing, but I had read that there is a lot of quality difference between brands, and that CREE are vastly superior to almost anything out there, both in color rendering and lifespan.

I placed the LED units in an exercise room, kids closets (because of the tendency for my kids to leave lights on), and the laundry room. So the color rendering is possibly an issue in the closets, but not a huge deal.

I am wondering whether I should just keep the Sylvania Rt6 that have already been installed, or insist they be reinstalled with the CREE Lr6.

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The rt6 has better dimming. I would leave them.

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Crees claims on lifespan are just that. testing regimens are not done by some government agency but by the makers. Meaning the cree may last 50,000 hours while the sylvania last 30,000 as the stated lifetimes indicate - or Sylvania could simply be more conservative in its testing and published numbers.

For all we know the same factory in china is making both to the same specs.

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I think that most if not all light testing is done by manufacturers rather than "some government agency". I would prefer a rather than some government agency do the testing. That would give the numbers some believability. The stated life expressed as number of hours is difficult to verify and has little meaning when cross-comparing brands. Most of what you read regarding longevity advertising sizzle. Because there are so many variables it is probably safe to say that LED bulbs will last a long time. However the enclosed electronics like the power supply is a likely point of failure before the bulb. And if heat is not managed but allowed to build up the LED bulb could have a short life.

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The rt-6 has better dimming down to 5 percent than the LR-6,, but not the CR-6. The sylvania has issues with color rendering, and may not stay their true color for a long period of time. You may see some light fluations in this light. I have heard and seen these issues first hand. I dislike the Sylvania immensely. I would switch them out for the CR-6. Their cheaper, dim better, will keep their color for the life of the light, and the Cree just has better parts for less money. $39.99 right now at home depot.

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