Cans For 18 Foot Ceilings

tubemanAugust 3, 2011

Should I be using the Cree LR6 DR or regular LR6? The deep recess LR6 I assume has a narrower beam?

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The deep recess LR6 is more like the CR6. The positive side is that there is a higher output version of the deep recess LR6 than the standard LR6.

Your 18' ceilings should make up somewhat for the narrower beam.

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Thanks. I guess the question is "do I want a narrower beam?". I am thinking that the higher ceiling might create more sideways glare if I use the regular LR6 or Cr6.

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Cree does sell anodized baffle trims in three colors (black, charcoal/gray, bronze) for the CR6 and their other lights that reduce glare if you're not looking straight up at them, about $10 each.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cree Flickr images (scroll left and right in photostream to see other colors)

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A better look at the Cree CR6 anodized trim baffle inserts, in the three colors available:

Cree CR6 Trim Accessories

It looks like they're offering a fourth option too, a black ABS thermoplastic full trim option, CT6B or CT6BB. The other three are trim accessories that snap into a standard CR6 module. Not sure if the ABS "full trim" means an entire module with a black rather than white cylindrical recessed section, or just another attachment for the white one they've offered exclusively up to now.

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Ah, just got my answer by looking at the LR6 trim options - (see last one at bottom of the page). The CT6BB is an entirely black trim piece that includes the surrounding bezel as well as the recessed part. Both parts are normally white on the CR6, LR6, or LR4; on the other trim accessories, only the recessed section is darkly colored.

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