LED Recessed Light

shianeAugust 22, 2011

We need to put in a Recessed light above our kitchen sink. Currently there is just a regular glass light fixture. Since we have to purchase a Can light we would like to purchase a complete LED can light not a retro fit. Of course we would like the light to be IC and air tight. Could someone please tell us if this is possible and what to purchase. If we have to purchase a regular can light first what componets do we need to purchase and which componets will we not need? Which brands do you recommend? TIA

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For LED recessed lights you need the following
1. Can housing rated airtite & direct insulation contact (IC) -which could also mean title 24 compliant can.
2. LED module that will fit inside the can.

You will not need the trim ring if you purchase Cree LR6/ CR6.

You can find all the components on polar-ray.com or other similar web sites.

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Hi davidtay, just to clarify on point 1. The can can't have an edison socket in it if it's going to be considered Title 24 compliant. It would need a GU24 or other approved base type to meet those requirements. Not sure whether that matters in this case though. Cheers.

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That's correct.

I haven't seen a E26 base airtite can for some time now in Home Depot in CA though.

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I would not go though Jenny.
You can splice in a GU24 can in Cal with the CR-6. So you can get your can at depot if you wish, but just use the splice kit for the GU24 that comes from the CR-6.

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