Juno UPX Xenon or American Lighting Priori Xenon for under cab?

tadrAugust 12, 2011

We need to pick under cabinet lights for our kitchen remodel. Our contractor will be installing them next week after the cabinets are done. Unfortunately, we aren't wired for low voltage and I haven't found a slim transformer that can be concealed under behind our light rail. We also want them dimmable and we don't want to pay for LEDs.

So -- I'm looking at direct wire xenon fixtures.

We're trying to decide between:

1) Juno UPX Pro-Series Xenon in brushed bronze


Total for this option is about $600-700 in materials. These fixtures appear to be higher quality and have lenses that extend almost all the way to the end of the fixture. 1" low profile should be completely concealed behind the light rail.

2) American Lighting Priori Xenon in brushed bronze


Total for this option is $300-400 in materials. The fixtures appear be slightly lower quality (more plastic) in the pictures I've seen online. The lenses appear to end 1-2" from the edge of the fixture, so I'm a bit worried about lighting "gaps" between the fixtures (between cabinets). 15/16" low profile should be completely concealed behind the light rail.

Any experience with either of these? Any recommendations? Are the Juno lights worth the 50-100% increase in cost?? Is there some other direct-wire alternative I'm missing that would be better?

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Look at the KIchler Pucks in LED we got those and they are wafer thin. These use a thin junction box and will go above the range
LED stainless steel for under the cabs very thin too...about one inch and taper to 1/2 inch. Got those in 12 inch and 20 inch. They are very nice. They are more expensive but beat those old fluorescent ones.

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