Help me decide on size of sconces for front door and garage

carolinesmomAugust 20, 2009

Hi everyone; I need to order exterior sconces for new construction. House is very simple cape code/farm style. L-shaped, meaning the garage and house make an L so two car garage very visible from front door. I want two sconces on either side of standard size, single front door and three of the same sconces on ends/in between the garage door.

Lighting is Woodside Hills by Feiss. I can get 2 light (19 3/4 h x 8" w) or 3 light (23" x 9 3/4). Lighting salesperson says she usually suggests bigger for garage, but I want my front door to be more of the focal point. Sooo, do I get all of them in the big size? Big at door, small at garage? Small at door, big at garage? Help! TIA

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Either all 2-light fixtures or three 2-light fixtures at the garage and one 3-light fixture at the front door. Two of the larger fixtures at the front door seems like a lot of fixture and a lot of light. Would be less of a concern if it was a double front door.

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A simple way to solve your dilemma. Cut out templates the size of the 2 lights and tape them up on the house. You didn't mention how tall your house is or how much space you have on the garage where those lights are going. Remember that when someone is standing at your front door, those lights will appear larger than they will when viewed from a street in front. Most errors occur when the lights are too small when viewed from the street. Try the cut outs and you will be able to decide. Brown paper or brown cardboard are good to use. If the fixtures are going to be dark, use a dark material. Anyone can have an opinion, but it is your opinion that really matters, once you have a visual reference. There is no right or wrong answer to your question. A lot has to do with the visual weight of the fixtures. Is all of the length in fixture body or is some of that a bottom finial or top and bottom scrools ?
Make sure your cutouts replicate the shape as well as the size.

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