LED Cans: Better Quality or Just Better Marketing?

wayhopAugust 10, 2014

We sure could use some help from the LED veterans on Gardenweb.

We are building a new house in a Title24 area of CA and are baffled by all of the information regarding LED can lights. We've been led to believe (by contractors and lighting stores) that there are multiple price points. The Nora/Halo/Juno are the base line, the CSL/WAC are the mid-price and the Tech Lighting/Lucifer are the very high end. "They" also say that the bulb is the most important component, so we should make sure that it is CREE or similar.

Our local lighting store is the only one in our region that sells CSL and they sell a lot of them. No one else seems to have heard of them. They do use CREE bulbs and have the 2' and 3" cans we think we want.

My question is given that they are close to $300 for a 3" complete can, are we getting anything more than we would for half that with another brand? The house is modern, so a square trim and gimbles for the sloped ceilings are requirements, but beyond that, how much is hype and how much is better technology?

Thanks in advance.

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The smaller the aperture, the higher the price.

The 2" - 3" lights are significantly more expensive than 4" Cree CR4 + requisite can.

A portion of the $ is for figuring out how to stuff the components into a smaller space and dissipate the generated heat.

The production run is also smaller and such products are positioned at the high end.

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