Lighting questions for kitchen and laundry

S LunsfordAugust 5, 2011

We are currently building a house and I'm trying to figure out exactly how to do the lighting. I drew in the can lights to approximately where the lighting store recommends having them in the kitchen. They suggest them being able to shine on the countertops of the cabinets. We will have 3 pendant lights above the island and under cabinet lights as well.

For the laundry room, they recommended fluorescent lights for the best lighting but I absolutely hate you think a flush mount 3 bulb would provide adequate lighting? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any feedback!

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You might find T8 fluorescent lighting better than a flush mount 3 bulb fixture the laundry room as it will provide significantly more light. Recent T8 fixtures use electronic ballasts so there will not be any humming/ buzzing.

If that still isn't acceptable, there is the LED CR24 series positioned to go head to head with T8 troffers in commercial environments.

Recessed can lighting in kitchens is typically deployed to ensure better lighting than from an overly bright central fixture (e.g. - recessed T8).

The typical distance from the wall varies from 26" - 32". With the traditional bulb in recessed can setup, you may have light cones (typically more pronounced with PAR lights) .

In addition, the light output will never be as much as from an equivalent bare bulb since the can will trap light. On the other hand, the LED recessed can lamps perform significantly better.

I have used 15 - 25W CFLs in cans and the resultant light is no where as bright/ good as from either a Cree LR6/ CR6 or Sylvania RT6.

Most kitchens would be brightly lit ~ 30 - 35 lumens per sq ft. If a different mood is required, dimming the lights/ having sets of lights on different switches/ dimmers helps.

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luminescent lighting is terrible and it burns quickly

Here is a link that might be useful: LED lighting

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