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samg23August 1, 2013

Thanks to all the useful info in this forum, we've decided to use a bunch of CR6 lights in our new construciton home. Now that we've reached that decision, I see Home Depot has the 575/625 Lumen option at 2700k or 5000k and Polar Ray has a 625 Lumen or 800 Lumen option at 2700k.

I think I understand what changing from 2700k to 5000k will do but can anyone point me to another thread or resource explaining how much difference the higher Lumens make and why I may or may not want that? The 800 Lumens adds considerable cost.


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The 800 lumens will be brighter. To know how much lighter, I'd suggest buying one of each and trying - it is so subjective.

However, if you go with the 625 lumen, then you might want to think about the CR4, which is only slightly less at 575 lumens. I personally think the main reason to go to 6" from 4" is to get the additional lumens from the larger light.

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A higher output lamp would be more suitable if your ceilings > 8ft.

Most living spaces require a lower lighting per sq ft. Unless it is an area where you'd perform detailed work / need better lighting (e.g. - kitchens), you'd be fine with a lighting of ~ 15 - 20 lumens per sq ft. The LED recessed light thread has more details.

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I combined the 800 lumen with the 575 in my kitchen. The 800 went
in the 9' celing over the island, and undercabinet over the sink. The 575
went elsewhere in 8' celing. Looking at them, you really can't much
notice any obvious difference -- it all plays well together, just with
more light available for the island.

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My problem is that I would like my lumens to be at least 800 for my home office as I like a lot of light when I am working now since I turned 51 this year. My eyes need more light. The 800 lumen's Cree are so expensive but Davidtay indicates that bulbs inside a can lose lumen's as the heat gets trapped so the retrofit is the way to go. My other problem is I just prefer 3,000K lighting than 2,700K lighting for effect in the room on color and how it makes me feel. The BR30 and BR40 will be great for general lighting in the LED Cree but I have a feeling it will not give great lighting on my desk and I may want a Par38 in a 6" can. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Cree now offers the TrueWhite CR6 (in both 625L and 800L) and CR4 (575L) in 3000K versions if you want them. Only with Cree's own branding - sorry, no Home Depot Ecosmart discounted version in these color temps.

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There are other brands (Sylvania RT6 for example) that are similar in form to the CR6, and have 3000K output. The RT6 has (or had when I tested 18 months ago) about 0.5 seconds of delay turning on. 625 lumen version is about $48. You can also get them in high output version at 1400 lumens in 3K or 3500K, but those are $148.
There is a 4" version, RT4.

LED lifetime is often spec'd until they are down to 70% output, not dead. They will gradually lose brightness. I suggest overdoing the total lumens a bit, and putting them on dimmers.

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