Interior gas chandeliers

lachief01August 17, 2010

I'm researching interior gas chandeliers as I'm considering placing one in my foyer to give the home a certain ambiance. Does anyone have one or know the positives and negatives about them? Are they just as safe as a water heater or furnace pilot light? The gas light company sells one for around $2600 but I was wondering if there were any less expensive.

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Talk about the opposite of title 24! :)

I've never seen a modern gas chandelier, but Kansas Wind Power sells reasonably attractive single and double wall and ceiling mount gaslights. A double ceiling light sells for $175.

I seem to recall seeing similar lights at one of the old house restoration specialists' websites years ago, but again no chandeliers.

I have to say, this idea sounds romantic, but I'm not so sure it's very practical. Gaslights produce lots of heat. They also deplete oxygen, and generate the products of combustion that you'd expect from an unvented gas appliance. You'll definitely smell them, and some sensitive folks may have allergic reactions.

So, I'd be hesitant to operate something like that without pretty aggressive ventilation. For sure it's going to increase your aircon load in the warm months.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kansas Wind Power gaslights

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