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livebetterNovember 3, 2010

To all those who were trying Vaska - do you still use it and like it? I'm just curious how everyone is feeling after using it for awhile (always more accurate).

I have been using it now for several months and even though I keep waiting for it to disappoint me - it hasn't.

I still enjoy a load of towels or sheets washed with it. They smell lovely and are still very clean and white (I do add oxygen bleach as well).

I notice after a wash with Vaska, my washer drum and glass are very clean. No residue or anything left - squeaky clean.

My friend who has a Miele W4840 is also using it for certain laundry and loves it too. We have gotten her sister interested in it too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vaska

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Do you use anything else in their product line besides the detergent? I got some of the lavender scent at Target (about 40 mins away) but they do not carry anything else. I was considering their FS and stain remover, but would need to order on line.

What brand of oxy bleach are you using? I'm thinking I'll try Oxy-Boost or Ecover.


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I'm still using Vaska on some of my clothes and I like it very much. I am using it on wool socks, silk items, sweaters, and anything delicate. I do sometimes use it on towels and occasionally on sheets, although I usually wash my sheets in either Persil or Tide with Oxiclean added. I tend not to use it on things that are really dirty - I use either Tide or Persil on those types of things. I have used Vaska with the Vaska oxygen bleach on towels and sheets and it does a nice job, but I don't think it whitens quite as much as either Persil or Tide with Oxiclean.

I absolutely love the smell of things that have been washed in Vaska, and I also like the fact that things that are washed in it are really soft.

The bottom line for me is that I don't use it for everything, but I really like it for some things. The smell alone is enough to keep me using it.

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I've been alternating the Vaska with the new Method pump detergents. They are both cleaning well. I still find myself hoarding the Vaska (even when I stock up) although I don't know why! I have very hard water so I do add TSP to my wash with both of the detergents and they have been working wonderfully. I noticed over the weekend that my stash of Charlie's soap has gone untouched since May.

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@covingtoncat, I live in Canada where Vaska is not available at retail. My friend and I order it from along with some BioKleen items we also cannot find here at the store.

I loved the lavender herbatergent so much that I purchased the fabric softener, oxygen bleach and spot remover.

Of all the items, the lavender herbatergent and fabric softener are my favourite.

For oxygen bleach I prefer a pure form of sodium percarbonate so I buy Ecover or BioVert (a Canadian company). I find the oxygen bleach keeps my whites looking very white. Occasionally, if something is looking dingy, I soak it for an hour our so before hand in oxygen bleach and then wash. Always comes out nice.

The spot remover works well for some stains but not all in my opinion. I also have the Method pump detergent and use a little of that for pretreating. It works VERY well. I have the unscented and squirt a small amount on the spot and rub it in. Throw in and wash. It has worked almost every time on everything from grease spots to food/grass/blood stains.

I also have the BioKleen BacOut for stains like blood and grass and it works amazing as well.

I use Vaska for sheets/towels and delicates. I have also washed my kidâÂÂs/husbandâÂÂs clothes with it when they were not particularly stained. Most of my towels and sheets are good quality cotton like Supima and Egyptian so they should be washed in a milder detergent - one that doesnâÂÂt contain enzymes or optical brighteners.

I searched a very long time for a natural lavender detergent that I liked and this fits the bill for me very well. It has such a lovely âÂÂrealâ lavender smell - herbally like the South of France - not fake.

Glad others are still enjoying it too :)

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Is anyone using Vaska for really dirty items? I don't know why I haven't, except that is smells so wonderful and seems so well suited to delicates that I just haven't really tried it on really grimy things.

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@livebetter: You can introduce a wonderful lavender scent into your laundry by putting a teaspoon of lavender essential oil on a wash cloth and tumble drying on NO HEAT setting. After about 10-15 minutes you will have the most wonderful smelling clothes without any chemicals or artificial scents. I do this with every load, and I love the aromatherapeutic effects.

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I'm also interested in how Vaska compares when washing clothes that are really dirty and have stains.

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