Craft room lighting placement

judysgardensAugust 11, 2013

I am building a new house and I am combining my laundry room with my craft room. I do miniatures and build doll houses. The room is 11' x 12' and 9' tall. I want to avoid shadows on the craft table so when I'm working with the small pieces on the table I have good lighting. The "laundry" area will be on one wall with the normal W/D, sink and cabinets. The craft table is 5' x 3' and I plan to have it on the opposite side of the laundry area sitting out kind of in the middle of the room with the chair at the table facing inside the room. Hopefully, you can get a good idea of the layout. I am thinking of putting either 2 ceiling fixtures on the "laundry" side and possibly 2 pendents or ceiling fixtures over the table. Or cans on the ceiling and pendants over the table or 2 fixtures on the laundry ceiling and 2 cans over the table.

Also, to prevent shadows on the table, where to I place the cans, fixtures or pendants over the table?

If anyone has some suggestions I would so appreciate it.

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My gut tells me that fixed, overhead lights alone are not the best solution for this. Certainly some ceiling lights over your table are called for, but some task-lighting on or near the table might be more useful. The choices are virtually unlimited, wall-mounted scissors, table-top or floor cantilevered, goose-neck or swing-arm.... Pull-down lights installed in the ceiling might be useful as well.

If you think about it, the shadows might be serving you with this kind of work. You just need to be able to control them. At work, recently, I had one of my staff working on a project in a well-lighted, shadow-free biosafety cabinet lighted by two, inside, high-output fluorescent lamps. She has great dexterity and is a persistent person, but was having trouble getting a procedure right that requires stabbing into a flat surface at precise points to clone virus.

I've done the procedure many times in the past and I went down for a look. I brought in a brooder lamp-type luminaire, plugged it in, and positioned it lateral to the surface. Problem was solved and we went on our merry way. We needed shadow.

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