Is it hard to replace W/D with built in cabs?

shannonazNovember 4, 2012

We are remodeling a house and I am planning a laundry room. I currently have the big Miele's on pedestals. I am not super happy with the machines so I am open to replacing them at some point if I am convinced something else would be better (right now I am not :)

I will go thru and look at the specs for several models currently out there to compare sizes but generally speaking are washers and dryers just in a couple of basic sizes so swapping them out is no big deal?

I am attaching it hard to install/uninstall W/D with all that cabinetry around them? I have never had cabinetry or a folding shelf surrounding my laundry appliances so I am a little clueless about this :)

Traditional Laundry Room design by Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Teri Turan

Traditional Laundry Room design by Atlanta Kitchen And Bath Designs by BSB

I picked these pictures because they looked like the most restrictive cabinetry configurations as far as W/D replacement, not because those are the layouts I am necessarily considering :)

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I think it should work. The photos you posted look almost as tight as my current setup with our larger Mieles on pedestals. We had to raise the upper cabinets so they would fit under them, and gave a couple of extra inches for air flow. It might not have been necessary, but this way, I can reach the water on/off handles if necessary. We have a cabinet on one side with small laundry sink. Other side of W/D is a wall.

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