Which is the best washer for my needs? FL or TL?

jody7sharpNovember 21, 2012


Like another poster that I read here, I am now totally confused about what kind of washer to get!!! We are going on Friday to chose the washer for our new build so are going to a vendor that has everything except Kenmore. I have always used an old fashioned TL with the agitator in the middle. I am NOT a laundry guru nor care to be.

Two adults, one child, cats that don't make too much mess. Biggest thing I wash now is king size duvet cover, which I wash with maybe a towel or two or couple pillow cases.

I want a no fuss washer! Do not care about space requirements; don't care about bending for FL or reaching inside for TL. Budget is around $1000 (less would be better!). I like to take my laundry basket to my washer, dump in whatever fits and wash it on cold. Comes out fine in my old cheapo washer. So, what would be best for me? HELP!!!

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If your willing to change your washing habits go with the frontloader and you won't regret your choice.

If you are unwilling to learn new wash methods, buy a toploader and you won't regret your choice.

I've only owned frontloaders since the 1980s and they are in my opinion the only way to wash. They wash better and rinse better than a traditional toploader.

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If your preference is to dump your laundry in and go washing only on cold I would recommend you stick with the top load washer.


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Not all FL are the same, but most of them allow for a cold wash with high water level and it should do much the same job as a TL. The advantage with a FL is they take in cold water and heat it gradually as the wash proceeds. This makes pretreament of stains usally not necessary. Bedlinen and towels need a good 200F wash now and then to stay fresh. Top loaders can be good but hardly any of the models heat water, so only get as hot as your tap can provide. Either way, with a few tricks we get our clothes clean whatever we choose.

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It seems you are recommending a TL for me.
I have read a few places on line that you have to carefully place your items in the machine with a top loader so that it is correctly balanced. Is that true for "regular" laundry (clothes)? Or is it just for a big item like a comforter? What about towels (about 6 big ones at a time)?

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