Recomendations on washing machine with internal heater

monika78November 13, 2012


I need to buy washing machine and dryer. I really want one with heater.

I have read many many posts on this forum and I learn a lot. But still need some help. I found a pair on creiglist Bosch Nexxt 500 Series Front Load Washer & Dryer with Pedestals. Model# WFMC330SUC for 1200$

Would you still buy Bosch even dough they are not made anymore? How long will they have parts for them? I understand that internal heater on this model kicks in on most of the cycles

Xxtra sanitary 170F (77C)

Temp boost 150F(66C) on regural and cotton

Hot 125F(52C)

Warm 95F (35C)

cold 60F(15C)

Or should I forget Bosch and buy something new with Sanitary cycle, and have at least one good cycle with decent temp for whites.

If thats the case which washer would you recomed LG! Samsung

I am so confused, please help me!!!

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I used to own a Bosch washer when I lived in Europe. Fantastic machine, but I can't speak to the one you're looking at.

If you decide to look at other options, I've had an Electrolux EIFLS60JIW for three months now and really like it so far. It has a profile pre-wash called "stain treat" (starts off cold and warms up to wash temp), extra water option, and a steam option. I'm not sure if the steam itself does anything exceptional, but the steam option extendes the was by 20 minutes, so you can get a full hour wash.

I called electrolux and they happily provided me with the following wash temps:

cold: 59 (worthless)
eco warm: 81 (never used)
warm: 84 (29C)
eco hot 113 (nice temp - 45C, but eco option limits pre-wash and spin options)
hot: 131 (55C)
sanatize: 152 (67C)

Good luck.

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Bosch Nexxt was BSH first American size 27" washer.

Had many quality issues.

I have a Bosch Vision washer. Much better second generation washer.

Bosch promises to have parts available for 20 years after model is discontinued.

I would look for Bosch Vision,or better still,for the Miele full size washer that was recently discontinued.

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Monika, I need to thank you! I got on the Sears website to get the model number of the LG washer and dryer I just bought because I was going to recommend them to you. Well, I saw that they were on sale now for 25% off. I marched into Sears this morning with receipt in hand and left with $642 refunded to my Amex because they went on sale within 14 days if purchase. So thank you, thank you, thank you!
Here is a link to the LG washer I have that I love. The dryer is wonderful, too. I also got the pedestals.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG washer

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luvscritters just curious how you like the LG washer that you linked to at sears. That model seems to have excellent reviews.That is the exact model that I am planning to buy from Home depot this week. They have them for the same price, but you get an extra $25 off each machine if you are buying both machines, free delivery & 24 months no interest. Please let me know because I want to pull the trigger. Did you get the pedestals? They are pricey and I can't decide.

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Hi rikerk--I have only had this washer and dryer for 2 weeks but so far I really love them. I did get the pedestals and even though they were way too expensive for what they are I love them, too. Actually the drawers in the pedestals open and close smoothly and have a lot of storage space. I find the the washer and dryer is just the right size to wash bulky comforters and such. My previous washer was just a bit too small and I had to cram comforters in. The controls take some getting used to but now they are simple to me. They are both very quiet and there is no vibrating. I definitely would recommend them so far. I can't imagine needing a W/D to do anything more than these. The only thing I miss is that my old washer (maytag neptune) had a light inside then you opened the door. This one doesn't but the dryer does. Oh and I LOVE little thing on the washer door that keeps the door slightly ajar between uses to prevent mold.
If you have any questions let me know!

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Thanks for the review on the washer. I didn't know about the thing on the door to help prevent mold. I think I am going to get these or the kenmore elite set (also made by LG) that is equivalent that sears is going to have on black friday for $799 each before 1pm. model #02641473 and dryer #02681473
Good luck with your search for laundry appliances.

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Hi luvscritters's wow I am very happy I helped you save some money:-)
It is funny but I was just looking at the same model model WM 3470HVA I was reading review here
But I was surprised that sanitary cycle got only 142F , I called LG and they told me 158F. I decided to go with LG this model 899$ at HD or I also yesterday found discontiued models WM 2450HRA Or WM2301HR in loclac scratch and dent place boath bran new with matching dryers for 1100$ white and 1300$ for red with 1 year warrenty. I think thoes are good deals. at this point I know need Sanitary cycle p so at least one cycle will be extra hot for all my towels and sheets.

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I am sorry for all spelling mistakes but this web site does not work very good on an Ipad, I could not go to the end of my post and fix it I am sorry.

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Sounds like like you got a good deal! You will love them. Did you get pedestals?

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I did nit get them yet, next week we will go look at them and get it. No I am not getting pedestals I think I will just stack them because my laundry room is very small and that will be the only way I could have sink there. We just moved so everything goes slowly, but I just can not imagine laundry room without a sink even small one. So my husband will have to figure it out. Right now I think stacking it is the only way to go, otherwaise I have only 12" left for sink.
Any of you with stacked washer and dryer do you like that set up? I have never done that.

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Hi Monika78

I currently have my washer & dryer stacked and I don't mind it. It has been like for about 9 years because currently it is basically a wide laundry closet. I am considering moving the aludry area to the otherside of our finished basement and combining it with the exercise section. I am not sure if we are going to stack again or get the pedestals.Just an FYI 8hat $899 deal for the LG model ends on the 26th.

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Cindy Noll

I am really sad that Bosch no longer makes the Nexxt washers. I have had my Bosch Next 3200 (one prior to 500)for 7 years and have had no problems whatsoever. It has been a dream machine since day one.

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