Era detergent

angelic_one2002November 13, 2009

Does anyone use or prefer Era detergent? I recently bought Era, and I think it is pretty equal in cleaning to Tide liquid. Any thoughts? Opinions?

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I used to really like Era but then the price went up on it so I haven't used it in a long time. Been thinking about trying it again though. I see they now have an HE version out.

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So far, I dont see any difference in color retention or fading between Era and Tide. Both about the same.

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Years ago when ERA first came out, it was my favorite detergent. It was super at getting my hubby's dirty work and sports clothes clean. I think it was the enzymes in it, but whatever, it worked great. Then it kind of disappeared from the shelves in our area for quite a few years.

I have now noticed the new HE version and am tempted to try it, even though I now prefer to use powered detergents.

If anyone does try it, I hope they'll post their feedback here on how it cleaned and what the scent was like.


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I actually have the Era HE liquid here. I think it works pretty decently and it smells really nice. The scent is almost like a warm lemony scent like it always was.

In my search for a new detergent to meet the majority of my families needs I picked some up. I have noticed no fading of our darks or colors, but I have noticed some fading with the Tide HE liquid. Tide HE liquid also does not clean as well as it use to unless you buy the bleach version of it.

I think in Proctor and Gambles desire to push the Tide Total Care and Stain Release they dumbed down their Tide detergents alot. I know they completely removed the Wear Care from their powder versions a year or two ago and I can tell you from use, the liquid doesn't work as well as it use to either.

My contention is, if you like the perfromance of Tide HE liquid, you will like the performance of the Era HE liquid. In fact, you will most likely like the Era more, and instead of paying $18 to $22 for a 96 load jug of Tide HE, you will only be paying $12 to $14 for a 96 load jug or ERA HE. You still have to pretreat stains, but since I have to do that with Tide HE liquid anyway, I might as well save the money and go with the Era HE liquid.

So far, the detergents I am liking are Cheer bright clean Liquid HE and the powder, Tide HE powder, Era HE liquid, and Charlie's soap on some things.

Hope that helps.

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I saw the BIG jug of Era Free/Clear at Big Lots a week or so ago. I wasn't aware that Era had a Free formula. It was in a white bottle and was $13.00 there.

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I love Era!! I have 3 young children and of course that means lots of stains, it does great at removing them. Also my son is very sensitive to alot of detergents and soaps. Era is the only detergent he can use that isnt Free and clear. Love the scent also!

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Ive used Era, it works just as well as Tide HE, smells cleam too. The reason it is cheaper to buy, is that they do not advertise it, like P&G does its products. The scent is nice, but there is only one of them to choose from. Currently Im using Tide Total care HE and Tide with bleach powder HE...which smells good to me. Era is a great product if your watching your coins.

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