Cree CR6 install?

footwedgeAugust 1, 2011

Those that have installed these units, are they really as easy to install as the instructions say or is there a little trick that I need to know about? I already installed the cree cans.

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Nothing special

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I encountered some cans that used coat-hanger type wires to hold up the original trim baffle. Rather than remove them as Cree suggests (I didn't want to make the installation irreversible), I just bent them out of the way, against the sides of the can, so they wouldn't touch the heat sink on the CR6.

Basically, you (usually) remove the socket, insert the CR6 into the socket, extend the 3 pivoting things, and push it into the can. Or you can not extend them and turn it 1/3 turn once it's in place.

Easier than the instructions make it look.

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Polar thanks for the video. I see you did not use the turn method. Have you tried both and found this to be easier? Sure seems very simple.

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Turning the lamp clockwise helps ensure that the prongs are fully extended.

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Installed the units today and they look great. No problems with flickering or humming when dimmed. Also, I would estimate they dim to around 10-15% if not more using the lutron dimmer model DVSCCL-153P. We are very pleased. I will post some pics tonight.

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Nice, glad you got them in with no problems and that they meet your expectations.

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I installed one today to see how they look. Our cans are 6" Halo IC. Very easy. Only thing that annoyed me is that here in Kalifornia, the version of the CR-6 has a GU-24 connection on the back. So you have to cut the wires to the Edison style socket and splice in the (provided) GU-24 socket. Not a big deal - except if you are trying a few and want to see how they work in different rooms. Makes things slightly non-reversible.

The CR-6 works really well though. Definitely brighter than the 65 watt Sylvania bulbs that it replaced. Dims well too - but not quite as dim as the incandescents. During dimming, does not turn orange at low levels.

And of concern to me, only a very low level of RFI (radio frequency interference.) In this respect, the Philips LED bulbs that I have tried are extremely quiet. The Home Depot Ecosmart A19 LED bulbs can be noisy.

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I have the Ecosmart 6" LED downlights with edison base and was planning to use the 6" Halo cans (H750ICAT). Can I simply cut off the Halo 2-pin connector and splice in an edison socket?

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If you can find or make the proper E26 pigtail connector.

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