Restoration Hardware lighting

petchiaAugust 21, 2008

Anyone know who manufactures Restoration Hardware's lighting? I'm specifically curious about their sconce manufacturer.

One of the things I have noticed about their lights is that they are knockoffs of other lights. Perhaps the same manufacturer is making lights for different brands?



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Do you understand the difference between a manufacturer selling lots of product to a distributor as oppossed to onesie twosie to individuals?

I'm in the big ticket export business. I have no problem finding manufacturers who refer me to their distributors.

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I'm not trying to buy directly from the manufacturer. I'm just trying to find out who makes the lights so I can see perhaps the "original" lights that Resto is basing theirs on. I ultimately want to buy one of the "originals" if that makes sense.

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Hudson Valley makes a lot of the lights. Minka Aire makes some of the fans. They use several manufacturers.

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Much of Restoration Hardware's Arts & Crafts-Mission style lighting "used to be made" by Arroyo Craftsman, who still makes high quality lighting in Baldwin Park, CA. RH, like many other manufacturers, have developed "derived knock offs" of lessor quality, and made overseas. The result has been much less cost for the consumer, higher profits for RH, and often a lower quality product. Arroyo Craftsman lighting is made of heavy gauge solid brass and known for their "living finishes". I have specified and sold their entire line of products for many years and they are our biggest sellers.

Note: many of RH's lighting designs are NOT derived from Arroyo Craftsman designs. Just mostly from their Mission and Evergreen series.

Hope this helps!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Arroyo Craftsman

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I have some bathroom sconces from RH. The quality is nice but they are made in China. One of the sconces I have is called the Keller sconce. I saw the original that it was based on at the Urban Archaeology site. UA has has washstands and many other fixtures that RH has copied. The UA ones are heavier and nicer and from what I have seen cost 4 or 5 times the price of the RH ones. The UA stuff is gorgeous though and definitely not the same as the RH.

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I believe Robert Abbey manufactures some of their lamps. Maybe all their lighting. They sell quality goods. It's probably a reproduction and not a mere copy.

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