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publickmanJuly 12, 2014

Kevin uploaded a couple of pizza videos to YouTube - see link below to the first one. I had partially baked the pizza before putting it on the peel from the screen, and I forgot to put semolina on the peel first to make it slide properly. There is another video that shows me putting it on from a board, but Kevin left the video on while I went into the house to get the pizza, and he did not edit out the dead time.

I am in the process of uploading a video that I made for a friend's son who asked for my pizza recipe. I decided to make a video for him to show him how I stretch my pizza dough into shape. It is a somewhat boring and dull video, but I think it will help show him how to shape the dough.


Here is a link that might be useful: Transferring pizza from peel to stone

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That was fun! The dead air isn't too long. I love watching the steam/smoke coming out the top of the BGE. :) Is that part of the BGE you put it on, or is that a separate stone type thing? When you pre-baked them, did you use a screen? Or did you do them inside?

You've given me the courage to think about trying it on my little charcoal barbecue, but I really don't know what I'm doing. :) (I mean, yes, I make good pizza, but, no, I don't know anything about barbecuing one. I have a screen, but the BBQ has no lid so I'm wondering if I'll need a mixing bowl or something...)

That's a really good looking pizza!

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Great videos! The techniques did give you a wonderful pizza, that's the most important part.

I have to laugh at Kevin's impressive welder's gloves.


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Thanks Lars for taking the time to make the video. I think that there will be many that will benefit from watching how you stretch your dough.


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Kevin's gloves are from Steve Raichlen Best of Barbecue - they were specifically designed for BGE or Kamado BBQ.

Ann, I've mostly seen others stretch the dough by lifting it up and then pulling it out with their knuckles, and this works well if you want a see-through paper thin dough, kind of New York style, which I also like, but now I prefer a somewhat thicker dough, which is why I use my current technique. My friend's son is 17 years old and has been to a couple of my parties. He's interested in cooking and has made several of my recipes that I have given him. I had always hoped that some of my relatives would be interested in my recipes, but at least someone's relative is! I originally wrote down recipes so that in case I ever became incapacitated, someone would be able to cook for me the way I like. I've taught Kevin how to cook fish, but not much else.

When I made the pizzas, I prebaked them for 7 minutes at 425 degrees on screens in my oven (which has a pizza stone). I put a small amount of fresh Mozzarella and Fontina cheese on the dough first. Then I removed the pizzas from the screens, added toppings, and cooked them in the BGE on what is actually a "plate setter". I was told it was a pizza stone when I bought it, and then later I found out that we were using it upside down. Most people seem to use a pizza stone on top of the plate setter, but if it is oriented the way I use it, that is not necessary. Anyway, the surface is plenty big for use as a pizza stone. According to some, it gets too hot, and so I might try getting a pizza stone to go on top of it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cooking pizza directly on the plate setter

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Boy, I have a lot to learn! New words like "plate setter". :) Do they call it that because it looks like a food service plate rack?

This makes the BGE that much more interesting... :) Thanks for the info.

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Not sure why they call it a plate setter, but it gets confusing when they call it P/S, which is the acronym for pizza stone.

I ordered a new round pizza stone to use on top of my plate setter, as I think the plate setter got too hot. I'm going to have to use my laser thermometer gun to check the temp of the plate setter, although I think its maximum temperature is 750 degrees.


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