A new High-priced steak at the grocery store.

jasdipJuly 18, 2014

$60/lb for Wagyu steak, from a breed of cattle in Japan.
This has just hit our local stores.

No way on earth would I pay that, in a restaurant or here at home. I can screw up a cheap steak, so I'm not taking the chance of cooking one at that price!

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Wagyu beef is a version of Kobe beef.

Real (many fakes) Kobe beef can be $200.00 a lb.


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The genuine "good stuff" is actually quite good. But yes, it's quite a splurge. Nothing to be intimidated by; it's just beef, very well marbled.

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Wagyu just means beef. :) But the specific Japanese beef is very heavily marbled. Which is another term for fatty. If you like butter melted on your steak, you might like it. :)

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Wagyu actually is a specific breed of cattle, or rather breeds, there are several separate Wagyu breeds. Canada even has a Wagyu association, I think it's only grown in Alberta, though.

Wagyu translates into "Japanese Cow" or "Japanese Beef" or something along those lines. Wagyu cattle are genetically predisposed to intense fat marbling, and so command a higher price than "plain old" beef.

I tried it. Once. I disliked the slick of tallow left in my mouth, it's that odd texture thing that gets me, so fortunately, I wasn't all that impressed with something that's outrageously expensive, LOL.

If regular beef is $10 a pound and Wagyu is $60 a pound, then it had better be 6 times as delicious as the other. I just don't think it is.



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I must add that we've eaten real Kobe beef in Japan a few times and NEVER will I believe that that taste we experienced can be duplicated with anything else. We have eaten Wagyu beef, also, here in U.S. and it IS good but not like real Kobe. It's really dependent on the amount of extreme marbling being present. Yes, it's not healthy due to fat content - but that's another story.


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