Air tight recessed lights on first floor

Pendleton123August 26, 2012

Hi all, been looking for an answer to this but can't seem to find. I remodeled my 1st floor and put some recessed can lights in. The contractor put in IC, non-air tight cans. Should I put in airtight trims? I know it isn't as big a deal as drafty cans that are under an attic, but I have to wonder am I just wasting energy by essentially turning the formerly unconditioned interstitial space between 1st and 2nd floor into a conditioned space. Any thoughts or links appreciated. I ask because the air tight trims in the style I want are twice the cost of the already spendy non-airtight trims. It adds up quick.

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"formerly unconditioned interstitial space between 1st and 2nd floor into a conditioned space"

It is already conditioned space.

Anything within the buildings thermal envelope is conditioned space, even if you do not directly heat or cool it.

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As brickeyee said, you are already heating that space. The R-value of the flooring above is maybe R-2 to R-3, and the sheetrock below is R-0.5. If it isn't well sealed from the outside, adding holes in the ceiling will create some additional loss, but it is already about the same temperature as the house -- maybe warmer if you have heater ducts in there.

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Great, thanks guys. My HVAC ducts are in there - insulated flexiducts.

I went and got the non-air tight trims (Halo 353SN - very sharp)

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