Help with Living Room Recessed Lighting

simbany1August 5, 2010

Great forum and lots of great info. I need some help though. I'm doing a major remodel and needed advice on recessed lighting in a 11'x15' living room. I was initially going to go with 4 - 6" halo lights, but then my electrician suggested going with low voltage lights. I looked at some 3" and 4" low voltage lights and liked the contemporary look to them, but concerned about the light output.

We were previously using a halogen floor lamp that shot the light to the ceiling and lit up the room very nicely. I'm trying to make sure that we get get similar lighting with the recessed lights. My thinking is that 4 - 6" high hats would do well in the room. Would I get similar light output from 6 - 3" or 4" low voltage high hats?

I really like the look of the smaller lights, but don't want to sacrifice light output. Everywhere I read they say the 3" lights are for accent and focus lighting, but can they be used for general if I have enough of them?

Thank you for the help in advance!!


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You may need a lot of mr16 lights. Alternatively have you looked at Cree lr4 lights?

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When you say a lot, how many is that? I just took a look at the Cree lr4 and they are pretty pricey.

I'm thinking of going with 4" cans and using the same number and placement as I was planning with the 6" ones. The par20 halogen bulbs should provide adequate lighting. I'm just worried about the heat. With the ceiling height of 8.5', heat should be that big of an issue.

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MR16 lights are typically used in 3" cans. MR16 lights have a limited illumination angle and light output and therefore are typically not used for general lighting. IC rated 3" housing could also be pricey too.

3 MR16 lights + cans costs > 1 LR4 + can. Output light will be less than a single LR4.

The smaller the aperture (hole), the can costs increase.

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Thanks again for the response. I decided to go with Halo 4" cans and r20 philips halogena bulbs. They seem to get great reviews on all the sites I go to.

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