How to choose size - schoolhouse lights

nineteenoeightAugust 6, 2012

Hi, I am stressing out about the size of our kitchen ceiling lights - I've settled on schoolhouse lights, either semi-flush mount or short pendant.

Is there a formula to figure out size of light?

The ceiling is just under 9ft high.

The kitchen is L-shaped - one leg is 11'x 13', the other is 13' by 7'. There will be three ceiling lights altogether. There are two stained glass minipendants over the peninsula and one over the sink. There are cans also for when I want to work, over the counters.

I'm looking at 9" diameter lights vs 12" diameter lights - perhaps one 12" in the wider leg, two 9" in the narrower - or maybe all three 9"?

And maybe stick with semi-flush not to compete with pendants?

Arg! There's a 25% restock fee if I choose wrong. :(

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I'm not good with the more technical side of lighting, but I agree with your hesitation about getting more pendants. I think semi-flush schoolhouse lights would be better.

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