Help with Recessed Lighting in Kitchen!!!

TopazAlAugust 25, 2013

Hi. I'm doing kitchen renovation and need help on lighting redesign and recessed lighting placement in the kitchen. My kitchen is roughly 10'8" x 12' 3" in size with 8' ceiling height. I will have access to the attic above the kitchen.

I'm planning to put in recessed lighting. Right now I'm leaning toward 4" LED recessed lighting.I found Lowes has Utilitech Pro 4" Integrated LED lighting kit for $49 a piece. It is IC-rated with 630 lumen, 3000K, 80 CRI.

Now in terms of placement, I read through many guides online. First I need to take care of task lighting first. I plan to put 1 can above the kitchen sink. I will also install undercabinet lighing under all wall cabinet using LED strip light (3100K). Note that I have a chimney hood over range.

1) Now how I should place the rest of the cans?
2) Since I already have undercabinet lighting, should I still put can 24"-27" off the wall with cabinet aim at the edge of the countertop (to avoid shadow)? OR I should just put lighting just space it out evenly in the general area?
3) I'm thinking 4 cans + 1 can above sink enough to light up the kitchen (considering each of those 4" can give out 630 lumen each)? Is that enough?
4) If I put 1 can lined up with the center of the cabinet for each of the wall cabinet beside the range. Will they be too far apart? I don't think I need to put a light in front of the range. Or I should just put lighting evenly space out without considering the cabinets location.

Any help is appreciated.

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hi,according to ur drawing,i suggest don't use the Utilitech recessed LED spot light.bcoz the beam angle for those kinds of LED spot light is small,normally this kind of spot light is commercial.
i am not sure if ur ceiling is integrated ceiling or not.if yes.i think u can order the attached square LED is also recessed type.the beam angle is approx 120 degree.u just need 1 pcs of this kind of LED down light for ur kitchen.

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There's quite a bit of info on the LED recessed lighting discussion that deals with the spacing, location.

Here is a link that might be useful: follow on thread

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