Startup delay on new T8 fixture

yam2006August 6, 2009

I replaced four four-lamp fixtures (ie sixteen tubes total) from old worn-out T12 to new T8 fixtures. They are all controlled by the same switch.

Two of the new T8 four-lamp fixtures come on immediately, a third one comes on with a slight delay, and the fourth one comes on with an even longer delay, perhaps 0.5 to 1.0 seconds. I'm surprised and disappointed since I thought I wouldn't have to worry about these issues after upgrading to T8 and electronic ballast.

Do these two slow fixtures have a defective ballast? Are they going to get worse in cold weather, or after a few years of use? Is there any effect on their reliability or power consumption? Or is this all within the normal range, and I'm just noticing the difference because I have four identical fixtures right next to each other?

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Initial thought is the ballast may be defective on said fixtures. Another option is the wiring, did you have them wired per the manufacturer's recommendations.
Last option would be to see if you have either a rapid start or instant start ballast.

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I think they are wired correctly. I re-used the existing wiring from each of the old fixtures. They are all in series with one another. The four new fixtures are identical.

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Well I replaced one of the ballasts this weekend. The behavior is still exactly the same. I also swapped the tubes from one fixture to another but still couldn't get the behavior to change. I'm a bit puzzled.

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Double check the wiring looking for cracks, creases etc. You mentioned you used the same wiring from the previous T12 for the new T8. Try new wiring to see if that makes a difference.

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