Bosch or Fisher Paykel

suseybNovember 9, 2010

I have been pouring over all of the posts here and finding wonderful information. I'm so glad that this forum is here!

We are renovating our entire house after the creek came to visit for a couple of hours in September. 3 feet of water covered the everything in the house. Unfortunately, my washer and dryer did not make it through the flooding. I had a GE front loader that was about 7 or 8 years old. It had an onboard heater, which I didn't really need since my washer is right next to two water heaters. In fact, I never did get cold water. There was a tad bit of mold on the inside rim as well.

I have 5, almost 6 kids and do a lot of laundry. I also wash cloth diapers. I cannot afford the Miele machines. So, I have been looking at the FP and the Bosch. I'm concerned about the track record on the FP wrt repairs. I know it will probably do a better job on cloth diapers. I'm unsure about the matching dryer.

Things I need:

large capacity

ability to add extra water for cloth diapers

a run time less than 2 hours for regular laundry

ability to get dirty clothes clean - we live next to the creek and my kids play in the mud and dirt a lot

ability to use all natural detergents - currently use Planet HE

Bosch or FP? Or???

Thanks so much.


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The middle of the Bosch Vision line. The 500 DLX.

the 800 series has SS ring on the door vs chrome on the lower line.

LCD screne vs digital on the lower line.

Plus a few extra specialty cyles.

The entry level has a smaller motor. And few less bells and whitles too.

If $1800 is out of the question. And if $1200 for Samsung's TOL is out of the question.

Then I think Bosch 500 DLX is the way to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Vision

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I made the huge mistake of going to visit the Miele machines at a local store yesterday. Huge mistake. They are beautiful and well made machines. Ugh. I need to find a way to get some of the other appliances down in price. My refrigerator doesn't need water and ice in the door, so I can save some $ that way.

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suseyb, Until about a year ago, an all-brands washing machine repairman named John Shipkowski was a regular poster in the washing machines forum of; he was an invaluable resource in regard to all washing machine questions, but he has stopped posting there now. Here was his response when asked a question similar to yours there 15 months ago:

"Bosch front load washers are good machines for concrete floor laundry rooms. On wood flooring--the Bosch / Siemens front loaders are a high risk for shakes / vibration / noise. For wood floors--any Samsung front load washer or any *square door* LG front loader will offer smooth & quiet spin cycle performance."

I have included below a link to the full thread in which the post containing the above quotation was excerpted.

If you search YouTube for videos of the Miele Honeycomb Drum, you will see what it is and what problems it seeks to solve, but -- as you know -- Miele washers are expensive. Samsung, however, has imitated Miele's Honeycomb Drum with its Diamond Drum (probably the diamond shape rather than a honeycomb shape avoids patent issues), which should (may?) provide many of the same benefits. Chief among those is the reduction of the threading of small local areas of fiber through the drainage holes of the drum during the high speed spin cycle, which affects the rate of fabric wear.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Consumer Reports Forum thread about Bosch washers

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