Please help with kitchen lighting plan

SadieVAugust 31, 2011

We are starting our complete kitchen renovation and beg your help with our lighting plan. We had planned halogen cans in the ceiling (probably 3 along each of the three cabinet walls). We are considering LED strips (preferred over xenon)for undercabinet lighting. I would like dimmable undercabinets if possible. I have also ordered a chandelier for the dining area (incandescent bulbs) and 3 matching 100w downlight pendants for over the island.

If we go with the LED undercabinet, what type cans are recommended? Would that change if we go with the xenon under the cabinets? Do you think 3 cans along each wall would be correct?

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Several comments
1. I would use the rough rule of ~35 lumens per sq ft and an approx output of 600 lumens per can (6") to figure out the number required.
2. I would do the above calculation without under cabinet lighting.
3. The output from led under cabinet lighting exceeds the xenon counterparts.
4. You will need to decide whether you will use low voltage or Ac for the under cabinet lights.
5. The Philips eW profile powercore led strips are dimmable as are talea-HP and other led strips.

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