Miele T9822 - 3 way venting!

livebetterNovember 26, 2010

Well ... hallelujah ... I noticed the US had a new version Miele gas dryer (T9822) that has 3 way venting. I checked with Miele Canada and was told it would roll out here late December or early January.

Although, on a side note, I emailed them a few weeks ago asking if any products were coming that would help with my laundry set up issues and they did not mention this to me. Hmmmmm ??? Forced (yet again) to do my own research and hunting.

That solves part of my set up issues. Now that it can vent right side I'll only have to live with the doors opening into each other.

I know Larsi - I'm going against your better judgment and getting gas but I'm already set up for gas and I'm not going to change. I know a few who have had the Miele gas dryer and never had any issues.

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That's great news Livebetter. Since they dryer can vent the way you want, you can put the dryer on the left side and the washer on the right side...and then clothes go right from the washer into the dryer. I guess we are lucky, as that our house came set up for Dryer left, washer right!

Just make sure you set up a Miele Service call DAY ONE. Have them set the Normal cycle a little warmer/less residual moisture (Normal is by default set to leave clothes a little damp & I do not like the Extra Dry, as it is too dry & baked). With my Normal cycle set to a little warmer/dryer, clothes come out perfect. I would say 99.9% of the time I use Normal + Gentle option for everything. Could not be any better. Adding Gentle option to the Normal dry cycle, just makes the dryer heat up gradually & gentler...so good for fabrics!

You must, must, must have they set the extended cool down!!!!! It will add about 10+ minutes of a lot of reverse tumbling with cool air. Clothes and sheets are SO fluffed and virtually wrinkle free.

ICK with the gas :) But at least Miele has supposedly fixed a lot of issues and quirks with the gas dryer. Congrats!!!

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Larsi, my dryer has to go on the right as that is where the vent is located.

My problem was previous Miele dryers only vented out the back so I would have had to pull the dryer forward to run the vent out back and to the vent line. Plus this would add another 90 degree bend.

Even though they will still be backwards I'm much happier about the side venting as this way I won't need to pull forward or add extra 27" of vent. I'm already pushing it at 22' with 4 90 degree bends.

Thanks for the input on settings. Does the Miele not have any cool down period factory set? What about extended tumbling in case I don't get there right away? I know Bosch would tumble for 3 hours or something like that.

Now if Miele would come out with a great incentive for December things will be good.

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Yes, the dryers (both gas & electric) have a factory, pre-set cool down period. It is just too brief, in my opinion. Having Miele set the extended cool down, provides about another 10 mins of addt'l cooling down & a lot of reverse tumbling. I find it amazing and crucial to provide super fluffed clothes and basically wrinkle free sheets.

The extended tumble /anti-wrinkle feature is factory set to ONE hour. You cannot extend the time, or decrease the time yourself. I am not even sure Miele offers extended anti-wrinkle tumbling once the cycle is complete.

If you do let the completed cycle sit for over an hour, I've found just opening the door (must open the door, to select another cycle) & then doing the 15 min Cold/Cool cycle is flawless for freshening up!! LOVE my Miele dryer. I think there are a few other washing machines that can clean very well (won't have the build quality or amazing materials that Miele uses), but IMO, there is NO better dryer than Miele!!!

Can't you set the dryer on the left, and just use some more venting? I'm pretty sure the Miele can tolerate a long vent line. It's not critical, but it is REALLY nice having the dryer left, washer right set up. So convenient!

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