Tide he Liquid Advanced Clean with Bleach Alternative

larsi_gwNovember 29, 2010

About 3 weeks ago, I was at our local Costco, and saw a huge bottle of Tide he, labeled NEW Advanced Clean with Color Clean Bleach Alternative. It was huge, and even came with a cool dispenser button jug and dispenser cap. Being who I am, and a laundry junkie...I popped it in the cart and took it home. I've now done about 12, maybe 15 load with it...and I think the Bleach Alternative is NOT color safe. It seems fine with sheets and towels, but at least 90-95% of my wardrobe is blacks and dark blues...and they look honestly, noticeably faded & dull :(

I think, for me at least, there is NO replacement for Persil Color Gel or Ariel Color & Style Gel. Everytime I try an American detergent...they clean pretty well, but my darks always look faded. I guess I am just destined to always be a slave to German detergents!!

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Thats interesting to hear about the Tide. i haven't found any problems with using it on my darks what so ever. i washed my black. Jeans and black sweat shirts in it, no fading noticed at all They were washed in warm 105 degree water.

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I found that Tide HE powder caused fading but the HE liquids did not. That was a few years ago.

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That is the exact reason I stopped using Tide w/Bleach Alternative a long time ago. I noticed the same thing. I only used the liquid, btw, in different temps. I am currently using Woolite for darks. It doesn't seem to fade, but I have only used it for less than 10 loads. I have also started using lower heat settings in my dryer, for all but sheets, towels and cotton underthings.

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i cannot believe how bad this stuff is, it was so noticeable the fading and dullness. I almost always used Persil and Ariel, but I have used Cheer he liquid, Clorox Green Works he liquid and regular Tide he liquid....and noticed no fading or dullness. Several of my favourite black t-shirts and a few of my plaid flannel shirts look awful being washed just a couple of times with Tide with Bleach Alternative.

I dry everything on Normal Cycle, with the Gentle heat option. A few of my shirts are almost 5 years old, and they looked older and more faded after a few washes with this horrible Tide, compared to hundreds of washes with Persil or something else. Tide Bleach Alterative is pure rubbish!!!

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I really like this detergents for whites, but I wouldn't use it on dark colors since it has bleach alternative in it. I know the label says "color safe" but I prefer not to use any type of bleach on dark colors.

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Not to mention optical brighteners which won't help darks. They can make them look faded.

Larsi, I'm surprised ... you are such a die hard for Persil/Ariel and you seem to use the proper color versions (which would help to protect darks from looking faded).

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I'm wondering why anyone would use bleach or bleach alternative on dark colors! Doesn't make sense to me.

How much of it did you use per load? Maybe you used too much.

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Just what the cap said. I used to line 2, which is I believe for med-large loads. Sudsing and rinsing was no problem at all...just faded clothes.

Am LOVING Vaska Herbatergent. Clothes, sheets and towels are beyond soft and clean...also not one stain not removed, including cooking oil. I'm still waiting for the honeymoon to end, but so far load after load keeps coming out amazing!

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Using Tide HE Liquid w/ colorsafe bleach on dark colors is no different than using Persil Universal or Universal Megaperls on a dark load - you wouldn't do that! This is an old thread, but I want to make sure folks understand that you should use a detergent specifically formulated for darks and/or colors. Those detergents have added ingredients to neutralize tap chlorine and do not contain optical brightening agents (OBAs) which make your clothes appear faded.

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So does anyone know if this "Advanced Clean" is a different formula than the liquid Tide HE w/ Bleach Alternative available elsewhere?

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Sstava...I think it is the SAME thing! Same label, just a different name. It would be fine, actually really good on whites...but a big no no on darks!!

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@ larsi

Seriously! I think Tide is engaging in a little bit of deception. I think all of their formulas are essentially very similar to one another. For instance, only some of their products contained the "Acti-Lift" logo on the cap, yet I read a response from P&G in their own review forum that stated all products contain "Acti-Lift" even though they may not have the logo or term anywhere on the bottle.

I think this "Advanced Clean" is basically the same thing - an existing product made to look like it's been reformulated. P&G does this to stimulate sales. Consumers think it's a new and better formulation, so they are more inclined to buy it and try it. I think this is misleading and shady.

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I've only used Tide w/bleach HE on white clothes -- the liquid when I wash whites in cold or warm water, and the powder when I wash whites in hot water.

I usually wash everyday dark clothes (like jeans and T-shirts) with Wisk or ERA (both HE) liquid and warm water. These do a great job on laundry which is dirty and stained (especially oily stains).

I wash our 'nice' dark clothes with Tide Total Care HE and warm or cold water, depending on what the tags say, and I usually turn the clothes inside out (right side out to dry). Love the results.

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