Enough lighting for 10x11 kitchen?

linsteAugust 1, 2014

Hello. We're renovating our 10x11 kitchen and I'd like to make sure the lighting we've planned will be adequate.

We'll have a semi flush mount 300 watt max fixture in the middle of the ceiling for the main lighting.

Over the sink will be a 150 watt max pendant and the upper cabs on either side of the sink will each have one halogen hub light.

There will be a high hat over the counter run that has a window but no sink.

The over the range microwave has lights.

I've tried doing some math and it seems as though it's enough. I'd appreciate your thoughts and will post some pictures. Thanks.

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Another view

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One more.

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I'd say that's more than enough.
I find halogen lighting can be uncomfortably warm and prefer under-cabinet lighting, florescent or LED.
Have you considered adding a ceiling fan?

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Thanks for your thoughts. I went with the halogen hubs because I liked the way they looked at my mother in law's house. I've since read they give off heat. Hopefully not too much. We hadn't given thought to a fan, I'll see how my husband feels about that. Not a bad idea. Thanks again.

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It is a common dimension for kitchen, You must go with the halogen light or try a new technique light that is a vocca switch light, which is having so many features relevant to light. It has simple and standard model that allow user to simply screw any bulb into the vocca adapter. It works on voice recognization technology.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vocca Adapter

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