Putting CR6's in LR6 housings? (Dimming Concerns)

oldbat2beAugust 14, 2011

(Originally posted in Electrical Wiring forum; moved here).

We have put up 21 Cooper Halo H71CT recessed new construction housings; original plan was for Cree LR6's. Electrical wiring is in place.

My question is: can I instead put CR6's in the same housings? The requirements for the CR6 is: 'Standard 6" downlight housing'.

The reason for the change is that I have 4 zones with only 2 or 3 CR6's (in each zone), 1 zone with a single CR6, and I am concerned about dimmability, in these zones. (I like dimmers everywhere).

Cree lists the Lutron Skylark SF-10P/SF-103P as a recommended dimmer for the LR6, and specifies (min) 1, max(12) fixtures per dimmer.

If these dimmers actually work, then I will stick with the LR6's... otherwise, I'm leaning towards cancelling my LR6 order and going with CR6's.

I found a reference to the LR6's being phased out -- I assume due to higher cost? -- this concerned me a little, too.

If it's too late to cancel the order, well I guess we'll be installing a couple of LR6's and should be able to answer the question in a couple of weeks ourselves :)

As always, thanks in advance.

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The cr6 fits in the same housing as the lr6.

The cr6 is less efficient than the lr6 but has a greater dimming capability.

The lr6 has greater light spillage since the recess is shallower. Hope that helps.

I'll reply to your other question later

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Good to know, thanks. I did reach out to CREE as well, who says that the recommended dimmer should work, even with a load as small as 1 LR6. I'll post results once lights are in. (I'm sticking with the LR6's).

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