Warm white light for undercabinet

kaylAugust 23, 2010

I am remodeling and will be replacing the old fluorescent under cabinet lights. I need good task lighting; but the old fluorescents give me a migraine. I read that you can get warm white fluorescents. Will these look a bit more like incandescent? Any pictures? Good sources to recommend? Thanks!

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Newer fluorescents are far superior to older ones. Look for a lamp with a color temperature of 2700K to 3000K for a nice blend with incandescents. The CRI (color rendering index) should be at least 80. A CRI of 82 is good, 86 is better, and at 90 or 92 you'll see a huge improvement.

The old cool white fluorescents were 4100K and usually between 50 and 70 CRI. The low CRI is the main reason for the ghastly quality of light they produced, but the bluish cast of the 4100K CT didn't help.

Don't go to a big box store. A good lighting store or large electrical jobber will have a much better selection and (at least in my town) the prices aren't drastically higher. You should expect to pay more than the generic cool white price, however. :)

If the fixtures are old, also consider either replacing them or upgrading the ballasts to new electronic ballasts. These completely eliminate the flicker associated with old fluorescents. It's a fairly easy DIY job to change them; just follow the wiring diagram on the new ballast.

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I just got my new LED under cab from Environmental Lighting powered up today. Warm color. Gorgeous! and just the "non-flourescent" look I was looking for (and it had to be low efficacy here in CA). They look exactly like incandescent in my opinion.

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