Halo Cans - No warranty with CR6 (Big Deal?)

toddimtAugust 9, 2011

I was at HD yesterday and looked at the Halo H7ICAT cans for my project. I was going to use these air tight cans since they are the typical can standard and I then would be covered if I was unhappy with the LED Cree lights and could use other options.

I noticed stamped on the box that that the warranty will be voided if used with non-halo trims, their own Prod LED retrofit kit as well as other brands.

Not that these can's really go bad to worry about a warranty issue but the only issue could be the thermal protection device built into the can. I see these cans are listed as compatible with the LR6 so don't see why they wouldn't be compatible with a CR6. So is there any big deal with using these cans? I g=figure its just that Halo/cooper lighting doesn't want to be involved in calls/issues if another light was used. Or am I better off looking at another can that would give me options?

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That warranty void stamp is there for two reasons.

1) They want you to buy their own trims
2) They can't possibly test all trims out there and verify saftey/compatibility, so they CYA.

Sorry, can't give you any specifics on CR6.

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Shouldn't be a big deal at all. As you said, what can really go wrong with a can? And the CR6 shouldn't cause any problems in that can.

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